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Laudium Secondary School

A place for Growth Change Knowledge

Our Vision

Our Vision is to Provide Quality Education and Opportunities to all Role Players to Develop to their Full Potential as Active Responsible and Fulfilled Citizens who can play a Constructive Role in a Democratic and Multi-Cultural Society

To this end we will seek to...

Foster a constructive partnership between all role players - for a successful learner ship experience in Laudium Secondary School

Limitless learning and opportunities

The school provides a platform for all learners to develop as leaders. Awareness programmes are regularly introduced throughout the year, to encourage entrepreneurial opportunities.

Why Laudium Secondary?


Encourage a culture of learning by exploring, selecting and presenting learning content and ensuring integration of subjects, theory and practice so that the individual learns more effectively

Awareness Programmes

Introduce awareness programmes to create opportunities for all role players about career, future learning and entrepreneurial opportunities

Responsible Citizens

Keep learners informed about ways and means of releasing their expectations for their future, and about their right and responsibilities as citizens in a democratic, multi-cultural society

Message from the Principal

Never discourage anyone who makes progress, no matter how slow...

We want to welcome all parents and learners to our family at Laudium Secondary School. Passion is at the center of everything that happens at Laudium Secondary School. 

Each learner is treated as a special part of our family, while they spend time with us at Laudium Secondary. 

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