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Rules and General Information

Discipline is the first step to success

Thank you for your interest in our school. We are delighted to share our school community with you, and our website is a great place to start to explore all that Laudium Secondary has to offer

The code of conduct of this school will apply to learners during and after school time, including official school outings, sporting events and any school function. A learner will face disciplinary action if he or she is in or out of school uniform and brings the school name into disrepute.

Learners should wear the complete uniform at all times including any event or additional classes after school hours, during school vacations and over weekends.



  1. After learners have arrived at the school in the morning, they may under no circumstances, be allowed to leave the school premises, without permission from the School Management.
  2. Learners will only be allowed to leave the school before closing time with a written request from the parents. The Principal or deputy principal must approve the request. Doctor and dentist appointments must, where possible, be made for the afternoons or Saturdays. Medical details must be correct, as the school will not be responsible for any medical costs incurred.
      • The parent must inform the principal in writing in advance.
      • If a parent appoints another person to collect the child, the person’s name and address and the parent’s contact details must be furnished.
      • The parent (or delegated person) must personally collect the learner from school.
      • The parent (or delegated person) is required to report to the receptionist and sign the learner out.
      • The person should present an identity document/driver’s license.
      • The principal reserves the right to deny a request for early leave.
  3. Learners who are sick must report to the Office. If a learner is extremely ill the parents will be requested to come and collect their child. No medication can be administered by the school staff.
  4. Late- comers must report immediately to the Office and sign the Register.
  5. No chewing gum, elastic, bullets, toys, bangles, excessive jewellery and cell phones are to be brought to school or used during lessons. These items amongst others will be confiscated and returned to the learner’s parents at the end of the term.
  6. The school grounds must be kept clean at all times. Rubbish bins are placed on the school grounds for this purpose. The neatness of our school grounds is everyone’s responsibility.
  7. The cloakrooms and toilets must be kept clean at all times. Any irregularities must be reported to the educators immediately.
  8. No learner may climb over the fence or enter the school by any other means other than through the school gates.
  9. The climbing of trees and destruction of plants will be treated in a serious light. Sporting games will be allowed on the lawns during breaks provided that it is on demarcated sports fields.
  10. No dangerous games or unbecoming behaviour will be tolerated during lessons, breaks or immediately after school dismisses.
  11. No learner may enter a classroom without the presence or permission of a teacher.
  12. Learners involved in “violent behaviour” will be severely dealt with. Spectators of such “violent behaviour” are also guilty of misconduct.
  13. Learners are to respect each other’s property. Please look after your own books, clothes and suitcases. All clothing MUST BE CLEARLY MARKED WITH THE CHILD’S NAME AND GRADE.
  14. Lost property can be collected from the Secretary at the Office.
  15. Class representatives will act in a supervisory capacity in the classroom, corridors, toilets and on playgrounds. Class reps actions must lead to proper behaviour patterns in other learners.
  16. When the rotation of classes takes place it will be in an orderly fashion, quickly, quietly, in a row on the left hand side of the corridor and pathways. No walking or playing on the lawn areas. No running whatsoever in the corridors or pathways.
  17. All learners at the school (as well at sport functions) must be neatly dressed in school uniform. Girl’s hair must be off the face. If a girl has long hair, it must be tied to the back with a black hairgrip. Boy’s hair must be short and neat. Gel will be allowed if boys comb their hair neatly. No spiked hair will be allowed whatsoever. NO JEWELLERY or necklaces allowed, except watches and ONE PAIR OF STUD/SLEEPER EARINGS is allowed FOR GIRLS ONLY! No coloured or dyed hair, long or painted nails will be tolerated.
  18. During sport and other public events, the learner’s behaviour at all times must be impeccable. Remember, you are representing your school.
  19. Learners who are absent must bring a letter from their parents/guardian stating the reason for their absenteeism and hand it to their class teacher. Immediately upon their return to school. If a learner has been booked off or admitted to a hospital the doctor’s letter should be provided to the school within 2 days.
  20. Learners leaving the school will not be handed a transfer card unless all textbooks and school property have been returned. Damaged or lost textbooks must be replaced or paid for by the learner.
  21. Any change of address or telephone numbers must be brought to the attention of the class teacher.
  22. Damaging and defacing of the building, apparatus and furniture is strictly prohibited. Guilty learners will be held responsible for replacing or repairing thereof.
  23. No learner is allowed to be in a classroom during break.
  24. The telephone in the Office is strictly for official use only and no learner will be allowed to use it, except in emergencies.
  25. Closure of school day: At the end of each day, two dismissal processes will be observed. The grade 8 and 9 learners will dismiss 5 minutes prior to the siren wailing and grade 10-12 learners will leave only when the siren sounds. The educators who are teaching or supervising these classes will accompany the learners to the gate in an orderly and controlled manner.
  26. The sweeping and dusting of classrooms by learners will be done after school and on a voluntary basis only. This will only be done if the general assistants are absent.
  27. School Times: The school begins at 07:35 sharp. The first siren sounds at 07:30 and the learners assemble outside their classrooms. When the second siren sounds at 07:35 the learners must be in the line outside their form class. School will dismiss at 14:30 (Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs) and 12:20 (Fridays for religious purposes)
  28. Learner’s leaving the class must be in possession of a “Permission card” Any learners found walking in the corridors without a permission card will be disciplined.
  29. School Uniform:
    Grey long pants (school grey only)
    White shirts (long/short sleeve with collar)
    Grey school socks (no other colours or types accepted)
    Black school shoes (no fancy shoes/styles accepted)
    School pull over must be worn at all times
    Blue school tie with logo must be worn at all times
    Short hair above the collar. No spikes or dyed hair will be accepted!
    A blue school dry mac will be allowed during rainy or cold weather conditions.
    Royal blue school jersey with the school logo
    Boys with beards or moustaches should shave, unless for religious reasons ( A letter from the parent / religious leader should be submitted) (No other jackets or colours will be accepted
    Shoes must have laces and socks to be worn with shoes at all times. (No Secret Socks are allowed)
    School blue check skirts. (must be knee length)
    White school shirts (long/short sleeved)
    School long royal blue socks or white ankle socks
    School pull over must be worn at all times
    Blue school tie with logo must be worn at all times
    A blue school dry mac will be allowed during rainy or cold weather conditions
    Royal blue school jersey with the school logo
    Royal Blue pants for religious reasons can be worn under the blue check skirts
  30. Sports Uniform:
    Learners must wear appropriate attire for sport according to the respective code and event.
  31. Visits to the school:
    NO PARENT may visit a class teacher during school times without prior permission from the Principal. Parents are most welcome to visit and discuss any problems regarding their child with the Principal or class teacher as long as an appointment has been made prior to the visit.
  32. Telephone calls to teachers and use of cell phones
    Parents telephoning teachers are requested to make such calls during break times. Otherwise please leave a message. Cell phones are not allowed to be used at school during teaching and learning. Any learner found contravening this clause will have their cellphones confiscated and returned to their parent/legal guardian after paying a fine of R200 which will be used to for charitable purposes.
  33. Homework:
    Homework must be seen as an extension of work done in the class. It is expected that the homework be done by the learner and with the same attention, neatness and dedication as in the class.
    Proposed minimum time for homework per day:
    Grade: 8 (1 hour )
    Grade: 9 (1 hour 30 minutes)
    Grade: 10 (2 hours)
    Grade: 11 ands 12 ( 2 hours 30 minutes)
  34. Homework involves reading work, poetry, inculcation, spelling, research work, collections, evaluation, tests, preparation of articles, written work and revision for tests and examinations.
  35. Revision for Tests and Examinations:
    Revision work is given out by the teacher, which can be done in the class or at home. Learners will write tests on a weekly basis for each learning area during the year, which forms part of their year mark. Examinations are only written in June and at the end of the year.
  36. Sport and Culture:
    Sport will be organized by the coaches according to seasons. The learners will be involved in coaching programmes throughout the year and will participate in fixtures according to their interest and ability.
    The educators will organize co-curricular programmes for each term.
  37. Parents must ensure that they receive circulars, which are sent out each week from the children. (Please ask your child for the circulars!!)


  • All visitors must report to the reception area.
  • This is a drug free and weapon free school
  • The school reserves the right to search anyone who enters the premises.
  • Drug addicts have the opportunity of declaring their status in confidence to the HOD or the principal and will be assisted in getting professional help.
  • Learners who don’t declare their addiction will be subjected to a drug test and will appear before the school’s disciplinary committee. All tests conducted will be at the expense of the parent.

Disciplinary Procedure

Minor Offences - Letter 1

Minor Offences will be dealt with internally at school level and punishment will be determined according to the severity of the misdemeanour

  • Disruption of teaching and learning.
  • No homework or assignments.
  • Excessive noise and disruption of class.
  • Failure to comply with educator’s instructions.
  • Insubordination.
  • Late-coming.
  • Failure to convey school messages or documents to parents.
  • Failure to adhere to the dress code.
  • Use of abusive language.
  • Discourteous and impolite behaviour.
  • Failure to comply with school rules.
  • All offences will be noted in the discipline file/defaulters book for learners and if the offenders name appears more than three times (3) then they will report to the Detention Class which takes place on Mondays from 14:00 till 14:45.

Serious Offences - Letters 2 & 3

The disciplinary committee of the school will hear schedule 2 and schedule 3 offences and the parents of the learners involved will be summoned to school. The SGB will be informed of all serious cases heard by the disciplinary committee and consulted if necessary.

  • Guilty of schedule 1 offences after a detention.
  • Fails to comply with punishment in schedule 1 offences.
  • Mass action
  • Insults or defames an educator.
  • Guilty of copying during any test or examination.
  • Engages in any act of public indecency.
  • Forgery of any documents from parents.
  • Any misdemeanour during a school outing or excursion.
  • Truancy or intentional leaving of the school during school hours without permission.
  • Guilty of distributing or selling examination material.
  • Found in possession of pornographic material.
  • Under the influence of alcohol.
  • Guilty of more than three warnings in schedule 1 offences.
  • Guilty more than once in schedule 2 offence.
  • Failure to comply with any punishment as determined by the code of conduct for schedule 2 offence.
  • Forgery of any document that leads to the potential or actual prejudice of the school.
  • Attempts to bribe or to bribe any person to enable yourself or any other person to get an unfair advantage in any test or examination.
  • Fraud, theft or acts of dishonesty
  • Is in possession of a dangerous weapon.
  • Is in possession off, consumes or deals in any illegal substance.
  • Sexual harassment.
  • Holds any person hostage.
  • Assaults or threatens to assault another person.
  • Rapes any person.
  • Maliciously damages another person’s property.
  • Commits and is found guilty of any criminal act.

Types of punishment for each category

All offences will be noted in the disciplinary file of the learners.
The transgression shall be noted and the educator and learner will sign the file.
If the offender’s name appears two (2) times for the same offence then a notice of detention will be sent to the parent, followed by detention as soon as the learner returns back to school.
Detention will not last for longer than 45 minutes on the day determined by the school.
If during the time of detention the parent finds that the child is unsupervised, then the parent will have a right to recourse through the school.

These offences will result in an immediate disciplinary meeting between the parent, learner and HOD. Thereafter, a letter will be sent to the parents detailing the learner’s transgressions. A copy of the letter will be attached to the learner’s personal portfolio along with the signed notices of transgressions. Punishment will be in the form of a maximum of 1 week’s community service to the school and any other measures agreed to by the parents and the disciplinary officer/principal. This could include ongoing counselling.

These offences will result in an immediate disciplinary meeting between the parent, learner and principal.
The principal will advise the parent of the seriousness of the situation and the case is referred to the governing body.
The parent shall receive five (5) school days written notice of the disciplinary hearing.
The meeting will be presided by the chairperson of the SGB disciplinary committee or a delegated parent member of the SGB.
The secretary of the meeting shall keep the minutes and these as well as all correspondence shall be lodged in the learner’s personal portfolio.
Punishment will be in the form of one (1) week’s suspension, community service to the school and a period of probation. Other measures could include counseling.
Any further offence shall result in an application by the school to the district IDSO for proceedings leading to expulsion or compulsory transfer.
The learner shall then be suspended for a period not exceeding 14 days pending the outcome of the application.
Learners against whom criminal proceedings have been instituted shall also be suspended pending the outcome of the criminal proceedings 

The School will convene a disciplinary committee who will adjudicate schedule 1 and 2 offences of the process and make its findings known to all stakeholders. Serious offences shall be adjudicated by a full sitting of the SGB, with the exception of those members who were part of the disciplinary committee. Findings shall be communicated to all stakeholders.

A disciplinary committee shall be set up for hearings related to misconduct at which a learner will be able to refute charges, present witnesses and question witnesses. The learner is entitled to representation of his or her parents or a co-learner at a hearing.

No other person may represent the learner at a hearing. A parent or guardian must accompany the learner to a hearing. Should the learner and or the learner’s representative not give just cause for their absence from the hearing, the hearing shall continue in their absence.

Should as learner require the hearing date to be changed other than the date set for the hearing, the learner must notify the school two (2) days in advance of the hearing. The new date however, may not be more than ten school days after the receipt of the initial notice from the school. Parents may lodge an appeal against a sentence of suspension to the MEC of Education for Gauteng.

The Disciplinary Policy must be adhered to with regard to disciplinary offences.

A disciplinary committee shall be set up for hearings related to misconduct at which a learner will be able to refute charges, present witnesses and question witnesses. The learner is entitled to representation of his or her parents or a co-learner at a hearing.

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